In Wine, there is Music...

At In Vino Musicas we believe that music fortifies the sensational experience of tasting wine. We craft each of our wines with its own personality; a personality that is best described with music.

Imagine listening to your favorite music, and then pairing it with a wine that matches the complexity and texture of the music that you are listening to. In the mood for some blues with layered bass, piano and guitar and a soulful voice? Pair that complex, thickly textured music with our full bodied 2014 Petit Sirah. Or are you in the mood for a faster tempo, lighter jazz piece? Then try our lighter bodied, full flavored, elegant Grenache. Wine doesn’t just have to pair with food; the music that we listen to when enjoying a glass of wine can fortify the experience.

We at In Vino Musicas have been producing garage wines since 2008 and sharing it with our close friends. Our 2014 vintage is our first commercial vintage where we are crafting three different style wines to pair with music of different styles and textures. The three varietals are a Grenache, Syrah and Petite Sirah. Each varietal was chosen to showcase a light, medium and full bodied wine to pair with the music that best pairs with the varietals.

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who we are
We have a passion for wine and music. We believe that each wine has its own personality; a personality that is best described by a particular song, album, or artist. More importantly, we want to define the role music has on the culture of wine itself and we want our followers to be part of the revelation.
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Telephone: (818) 292-0818
what we do
We craft boutique wines that pair beautifully with many different genres and styles of music to share with our extended wine and music loving family. We also review other boutique wines using musical terminology to describe the aroma and bouquet, flavor and mouthfeel and textures of the wines and create custom playlists that pair exceptionally well with wines.