Why our Wines Sing

2014 was an amazing year in the Central Coast. And since this was our inaugural year for In Vino Musicas, we treated each and every grape with the utmost of care, just like our children.

Starting with a light crush, we aimed to extract as much as we could out of each and every grape. The grapes underwent a cold maceration followed by a cool fermentation that lasted from 7 to 10 days.

After fermentation, we pressed with a bladder press to minimize tannins from seeds, which can be quite harsh. After pressing the Syrah and Petit Sirah, we left the skins of the Petit Sirah in the press to extract some of the color from the Petit Sirah to stabilize the color of the Grenache.

Finally, we aged the wines for three years, and with an oak profile of 66% American Oak and 33% French Oak. We bottled on December 16, 2017 and these are amongst some of the best, well balanced, harmonious wines produced.
To really enjoy the purity of this wine, don't pair it with food. Listen to some classical or jazz and let the music feed your soul while the harmony of these well balanced wines feed your palate.
Guillermo Seta, Wine Expert

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Our 2014 A Cappela Grenache is an elegant symphony on your palette. Light yet full flavored, baking spices take center stage with backgrounds of vanilla and anise. Only 24 cases produced.
The 2014 Rhythm Syrah lends a heavy beat of blueberry, venison and earthy truffle while finishing with a long and slow tempo of smoky brown sugar on the palette. Only 24 cases produced.
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The 2014 Blues Petit Sarah is a decadent and soulful wine full of toast, chocolate covered raisins and stone fruits. This wine grooves on your palate with a touch of spice for the finale. Only 24 cases produced.